Beard Oil Traditional Men&
Beard Oil Traditional Men&
Beard Oil Traditional Men&
Beard Oil Traditional Men&
Beard Oil Traditional Men&
Beard Oil Traditional Men&
Beard Oil Traditional Men&
ingredients hempseed jojoba oils
Beard Oil Conditioning, Strengthening, Softening, Revitalizing Blend 1/2 Oz Bottle (15ml) - The Beard and The Wonderful
Beard Oil Conditioning, Strengthening, Softening, Revitalizing Blend 1/2 Oz Bottle (15ml) - The Beard and The Wonderful
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Beard Oil

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Beard Oil
Portland's Finest


Just a few drops of this traditional Best Beard Oil for men every day will keep your beard & hair manageable, tame, healthy, soft and encourage growth.

  • All natural, organic, with pure unrefined oils of Jojoba, Hemp seed, and Essential Oils.
  • Helps soften, grow, nourish, moisturize and health.
  • Good for your skin – avoids the irritation that chemicals can cause.
  • Available in original Lo-Scent and beautiful fragrances Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Whiskey on the Rocks, and Eucalyptus Beard Oils.
  • Helps to improve hair growth.
  • Helps stop itchiness and improves skin. 
  • Helps prevent/treat beard-druff, eczema, and acne.
  • Can be used as a shaving oil for when you trim and define areas.
  • Makes you feel damn good. 
  • Fast Worldwide shipping.

What does beard oil do and why you need it?
To have a good old healthy beard & hair means keeping it in tip-top condition. A healthy beard needs to be kept moisturized to stop it from getting dry and coarse hairs, getting itchy, and the skin below getting dry and flaky, leading to the dreaded beardruff. A great Beard Oil conditioner can stop this from happening and help it to grow faster.

What makes our product so good?
The secret to our oil is the 100% natural highest quality, premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients, containing no chemicals or artificial preservatives.  Included in our oil is Hemp Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil to moisturise and impregnate the hair follicles and skin, creating the perfect environment and conditions for good, strong and speedy hair growth.Our traditional formula has vitamin E, A, and C, proteins, nutrients, Beta-carotenes, as well as being rich in essential omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, copper, chromium, and iodine making it perfect for all skin and hair types.

How Long will it Last?
This 15ml Bottle will last several weeks. A little of our oil goes a long, long way. And now we have a new improved bottle that makes it last even longer.

What does it smell like?
Our beard oil is available in 6 fragrances - Low Scent Beard Oil, Cedarwood Beard Oil, Sweet Orange Beard Oil, Lemongrass Beard Oil, Whiskey Beard Oil, and Eucalyptus Beard Oil.

How should I use it?
Just a few drops rubbed into the beard and skin after washing will give you the maximum benefits. Click the link for more detailed instructions on how to use beard oil.

Whats in the Bottle?
Ingredients: Jojoba Oil (Simmondia Chinensis), Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa), (L0-scent has small amount of Cedarwood Essential Oil). Fragranced oils have Essential oils of Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Whiskey on the Rocks, and Eucalyptus.

Always patch test before full use and discontinue if irritation occurs.

Does it have a use by date?
Every bottle is filled for freshness. After opening you should use within 12 months to get the most of the essential oils. But it is so good you will use it long before then.

Why is your price so much lower than competing beard care products?
Top quality but low prices! Because we lovingly hand make every bottle from our own premises we do not have the high production, overheads, and staff costs of other manufacturers. But our premium oil is as good (No scrap that, we would say far superior actually!) to any other beard oil on the market. Because it works so well, we love it so much and want you to try it, we want to pass it onto you at the lowest possible cost. It's cheap beard oil that has far from cheap ingredients!

Can I see any customer reviews?
You sure can. We have reviews from customers direct on our product pages, and from our Ebay and Amazon stores. Please check our reviews page for more information.

How do you make it?
We make our oils by hand in our secure, hygienic premises in the UK, using the best quality, cosmetic grade ingredients and manufactured in small batches and according to EU legislation.

Do you sell beard oil in kits and gift sets?
Yes we sell in bottles included as part of our premium gentlemen's gift sets and grooming kits which make perfect presents for birthdays, fathers day, Christmas, Movember and Decembeard. Although it doesn't need to be a special day to give our products as gifts. Please check our store to see more.

 Production of our handmade oils

We make the world famous Beard and The Wonderful bottles of beard oil in a secure, hygienic location, using only the best quality, natural ingredients including Hemp and Jojoba Oil along with a dash of Cedarwood and other essential oils. We manufacture in small batches according to EU legislation and we have CPSR (cosmetic product safety) reports for all our products.

The History of Beard Oil
Although beards and beard care may seem like the new buzz or latest trend, oil for facial hair has been in use for centuries, it was used by Native Americans who needed to keep their beards moisturized and radiant in the harsh climate of the day. It has been commercially available since the 1930's. Read more about the history of beard oil and See Wikipedia source.

How to make your own Beard Oil & DIY Recipes
If you are feeling adventurous you may want to make your own beard products at home then you can do that too, but if you don't then that is fine as we supply beard oil cheap anyway. To make your own just mix together oils of your choice in the correct quantity and voila. All that is required is the correct combo of carrier oils and essential oils. You will also need a small measuring jug or cup, and containers which you can use to store your oil. Find detailed instructions to make your own right here.

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Good quality product

I love the beard oil and the product. My order came in good time and in good condition. I am very happy with my order.

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