Shipping Charges Free on all orders over £9.99

I just love buying stuff online from the comfort of your armchair or office. Good prices and detailed information, along with checking reviews makes it a great experience. That is until you reach the shipping charges.

Some companies and websites just sting the crap out of you by charging monumental carriage and shipping fees, and sometimes they don't even send to your Country!

So we wanted to remove all that jazz on The Beard and The Wonderful so our shipping charges are easy.

For low cost orders (below £9.99/$13.50) our charges are low (£4.99 and below). However if you spend OVER £9.99/$13.50 then Carriage, Packing, and Shipping is TOTALLY FREE. And that is to every planet on Earth!

So unless you order a measly bottle or 2 of beard oil, or mustache wax on it's lonesome, then you can easily get carriage paid on any and every order you place.