History of Beard Oil

The Beard & The Wonderful's range of facial hair products including beard oil, is of course not the first product of it's kind on the market. The best, we'd argue, but by no means the first. Beard oil has an interesting history just like wax and balm does.

The honor of the first oil dates back so far that you have to put 'BC' after the year, and while the odd neanderthal probably experimented with the idea, the earliest record of beard oil being used dates to Ancient Mesopotamia (Babylon), where a beard oil made from sesame seeds is thought to have been popular as part of a culture that revered facial hair (if their statues are anything to go by).

While the Ancient Greeks and Romans also had their own developments, it was more the former that actually had more use for beard oils and balms as a product (here made from castor oil), as Romans generally preferred a clean-shaven look to distinguish themselves from their cultural rivals.

From there, various civilisations and cultures had their own ideas which came and went, but it was the British who sowed the seeds of beard oil as we know it today, as the Macassar Oil brand, created as a unisex hair product, became increasingly used and marketed for beards and moustaches, which remained stylish throughout the revolving doors of hairstyles in the Victorian era.

Unfortunately this early effort had the flaw of being an extremely thick mixture and prone to rubbing off on whatever it came into contact with, and it was not until the 1930's when more modern and thinner alternatives began to emerge, as well as petrolatum-based waxes developing not long after, an item which eventually found use specifically above the lip as well as above the forehead.

Since then, under a consistently strong global culture of marketing, beard oils, balms, and moustache waxes have seen their popularity fluctuate with the style of the times, but it is safe to say that we are now at a point with more choice and bespoke options than ever before.

So beard oil has had an interesting history, but the future is without doubt our beautiful blend of premium beard oil comprising ingredients such as jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), and hemp oil (cannabis sativa). The Beard and The Wonderful Beard Oil is available right here:-

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