The History of Mustache Wax

Wax is an important component in the history of beard care products, and while not having quite as diverse a history as that of the beard oil, the history of mustache wax also has interesting origins to trace back to.

In the era when the Ancient Romans dominated the landscape of the world (or at least the parts of the world they were aware of), tribal people in Europe, at a distance from the big cities and their culture of generally avoiding facial hair, the more rugged country-siders were known to use soap as a means of keeping the hair both on their head and on their upper lip in-check and in-style.

That use of soap was what would eventually become known as pomade, taken from the French word for ointment, with an part of the recipe in its original creation being mashed apples.

That creation came some time in the 18th and 19th centuries, made primarily from bear fat. In the early 20th century, ingredients commonly seen in the present day made a breakthrough, and ever since then petroleum jelly, lard, and beeswax have been prominent parts of pomade products, with Murray's Superior, Dixie Peach, and Brylcreem being amongst the most popular general pomades.

But since then the market has diversified as consumer tastes become more specific, with moustache wax adding more stiffness compared to a regular pomade, making it a more reliable method to keep your 'tache looking weird and wonderful.

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So mustache wax has had an interesting history, but the past is behind us and the future is without a doubt our wonderful blend of premium beeswax, and refined Petrolatum. The Beard and The Wonderful Mustache Wax is available right here:-

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