Although our original beard oil bottles rock, look awesome, and send chills down the spine with their coolness, they did have a flaw. The manufacturers of these bottles did not design or have available any dropper or flow attachment.

old bottle

This meant that you literally had to pour the oil into your hand to use it. This was fine for those adept at the art of pouring and could regulate the flow, but for many it resulted in a hand full of beard oil.

With a slip of the wrist you could end up with a whole bottle in the palm in one fell swoop. Now although our oil is beautiful golden nectar, and the best beard oil available, even we have to admit that a handful is a bit of an 'overkill'.

So to solve this oily issue we have scoured the world and are introducing a brand new

bottle that has a dropper attachment. All together, "Yaaahh". So now it is easy to regulate the amount of oil used and make the bottle last even longer. This new feature is very useful because literally 4-5 drops (depending on beard length) are all that is needed to invigorate your facial fuzz and give it a full makeover.

So longer lasting but still with a full 15ml of goodness for the follicles at a mega low price. The new bottles have a dropper that will release a drop at a time giving you literally weeks/months worth of use out of a single bottle.

All bottles of oil in all fragrances - lo-scent, eucalyptus, sweet orange, lemongrass, cedarwood, and whiskey on the rocks now shipped are in this new design.

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