Just when we think the excitement levels cannot get any higher, we prove ourselves wrong yet again! It is with enormous pride and a slight hangover that I am pleased to announce our new Whiskey on the Rocks fragrance.

The Beard and The Wonderful kitchen has been in overdrive as we perfected the latest (and many would say greatest) scent to appear in any beard product. Whiskey on the Rocks has been added to all of our products including Whsikey beard oil, whiakey mustache wax, and whiskey beard balm, to expand on the amazing choices we have available.

Our oh so good Whiskey on the Rocks fragrance is an intoxicating blend of whiskey coupled with wood smoke and oak. Floral top notes of rose and violet along with tobacco leaf and a hint of vanilla toffee that make this scent a keeper, and one that will warm you inside and out.

Heres one of the many reviews for our Whiskey Beard Products -

" I must thank you. Rarely do I find a scented beard oil that the missus agrees with. This one she's like... WOW! YUM! That's not whisky etc. So I ordered 5 more bottles. The fact it's great conditioning and absorbs well is just an added bonus. Top job." - Ran Johnston, Scotland.

So now that you know more about this wonderful fragrance, check out our products that use this fine ingredient and get 10% OFF by using the code 10%OFF at the checkout:-

Whiskey on the Rocks Beard Oil

Whiskey on the Rocks Beard Balm

Whiskey on the Rocks Mustache Wax

Whiskey on the Rocks Beard Grooming Kit

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