Everyone will at some time in their lives want to grow a beard (and if you haven't toyed with the idea yet, why not?). But choosing a style or beard type that suits your face makes the decision a little harder to make.

Choosing Beard Style for your Face

What is the best beard style for me?

Growing a beard can have different meanings for different people, for some it is an extension of their personality, for others it is grown in an attempt to change. Whatever the case though, there is a school of thought regarding the idea that a beard can not only change the look of a face, but can also affect what people think the very shape of it is too.

Much like the idea that striped shirts make one look more slimming, the styling of one's beard can do wonders for providing almost an 'optical illusion', that makes your face look longer/shorter/thinner than it actually is.

The widely-considered 'ideal' appearance for a beard is to have a fairly oval shape to the hairline. This means that when growing one on a round or square jaw, you will need to grow it longer and fuller on the bottom respectively (and neatly trimmed) in order to give the appearance of elongating the face, ideally with hard lines on the sides to accentuate a 'clean' and thin look.

If the reverse of the above is true and your face is more rectangular or oblong, you’ll need to focus more on growing a little hair out at the sides and avoiding an excess amount in the center to in order create a similarly even look.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that with an oval face, the above-mentioned 'ideal' beard shape will require less effort to achieve, so just take normal regular care of an even-length beard to achieve the effect and be thankful that the gods of facial shape have blessed you with such an opportunity.

In other methods of facial trickery with beards, the ideal way to make a large face appear smaller is to grow a beard as long as you want to make it (but of course as neat as possible if you're avoiding a 'wildman' look), while for smaller faces the same result will of course apply, which means it may be advisable to keep any facial hair well-trimmed if you don't want the 'small face' appearance to be accentuated.

While someone with no defined chin that wants to look like they have one, for example, is advised to have a thick but trimmed beard in the shape of a more defined chin and jawline, long enough to hide a lack of it but short enough that people don't think something is being hidden. And on a similar note, the best way to disguise a 'triangular' shaped face is to 'fill out' the area under the cheekbones, with similar principles applied but with a little more emphasis on a full beard.

But you can just have fun and simply grow your beard completely freestyle because who cares if it's not considered 'fashionable', no-one ever won a best beard contest by sticking to convention...

If you are not sure what kind of beard you want then we have put together a handy Beard Styles Graphic so you can see if you would look best with a goatee beard, a ducktail, a mutton chops, or something in-between.

We have a dedicated page for each beard type along with more detailed instructions on how to grow, plus styling & maintenance tips for your new face fur. So to help you when you are deciding what Style to choose, here are the most popular beard styles :-

Goatee and Moustache
Extended Goatee
Classic Full Beard
Ducktail Beard

Mutton chops
Friendly Mutton Chops
Balbo Bembo
Circle Beard
Egyptian Goatee
Verdi Beard
French Fork
Old Dutch
Chin Curtain



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