The Beardstache

The beardstache trend is a cool looking way to wear your facial fur, although it can be a 'love it or hate it' kind of beard style for many. It's a combo style of heavy stubble and a full mustache.


The beardstache has gained in popularity over recent years even though some critics describe it as a mullet for the face. A mixture of the most popular beard style, stubble, and the comeback of the mustache. A "stubble and tache" combo..

A mustache on it's own is still considered a fringe look for many men, but a stubble and mustache mix-up breaks up the contrast between clean shaven skin and a tache.

How to grow a Beardstache

Because we have two contrasting lengths, there is a little work involved when growing a beardstache. The mustache should be full and thick while the beard should be shorter and neat.

Try to keep the cheeks covered in stubble and let your tache grow wild and hang down the corners of your mouth just like in the horseshoe style. The ends of your tache should not drop below your jawline.

Styling & Maintenance of the Beardstache

  • Keep your stubble neat with regular trimming using a trimmer or hair clippers set low.
  • For your mustache, just let it grow to the full length that nature intended and look to trim it after several days.
  • If your tache is getting unruly then get some mustache wax to keep it styled, manageable and waterproof.Alternatively keep it trimmed to a size that is noticable longer than your beard stubble.

growing a beardstache tips

The best beardstache growing tips I can give are to start your stubble growth and while shaving your chin let the mustache keep going and growing. Another tip is to get yourself a great beard oil. This will moisturize and feed the skin and hair follicles ready for fresh growth, and it will relive any beard itch after he first couple of weeks or so.

If the beardtache is not up your street then there are plenty more beard styles

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