Designer Stubble
The classic, easy, and quick style that is loved by many is the designer stubble style. Also known as the Five o’clock shadow this style was made popular in the 1980’s and is still popular now.

stubble beard style

The stubble style is also very popular amongst women because it accentuates the jawline giving off greater masculinity signals.

How to Grow Stubble

You can grow stubble in as little as 2-5 days and the perfect length is around 3-5mm long. Once you achieve this length you will need to make use of a trimmer to keep that stubble at optimum length.

Styling & Maintenance of the Stubble

Apart from using a hair trimmer to keep the length just right you may also need to shave the neck and cheek area. A clean neckline and upper cheeks are essential for the perfect scruff free stubble look.

  • Use an adjustable beard trimmer and set to your preffered length (3-5mm is recommended). Pass the trimmer several times for a consistent length.
  • Clean stray hairs that the trimmer doesn’t catch with a pair of scissors.
  • Shave untidy hairs growing above the cheeks or below the chin using a razor or trimmer minus the guard.
  • For the neckline shave any stubble that is growing vertically and for the cheeks shave from the cheeks down to the jawline.

If the designer stubble look is not your choice then check out other beard styles available

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