Make your own Beard Oil

Although you can buy some gloriously well crafted beard oils from here and other places, some people just want to try it themselves and add a little DIY uniqueness to beard care products.

Another good reason to make your own is that many commercial beard oils contain a host of preservatives and additives that make the creation easier and the shelf life longer but are not good for your facial fuzz.

A basic Beard oil is relatively simple to make, and consists of a combination of carrier oils along with optional essential oils as we will explain below. You will need some space and equipment to store and measure your oil products.

Types of Beard Oil

Any Beard oil that you purchase will consist of a mixture of both carrier oils, essential oils, and will in some cases have an aroma or fragrance added.

The different oils used will offer different benefits and properties to the beard oil such as conditioning, relieving irritation and itchiness, adding a gloss, and making your beard smell a certain way. Many beard oils also offer ingredients to help improve dry skin, beard-druff, and acne as well as prevent itching. And some (like ours) are made to encourage your facial hair to grow thicker.


What are Beard Oils made from?

Beard oils are made from a combination of carrier oils and essential oils:
Carrier oils - These oils are commonly made from the juice of pressed kernels, nuts and seeds. They do not usually have a strong aroma and they never evaporate. Carrier oils used in our beard oils include Jojoba Oil and Hemp Oil.

Essential oils - Essential oils are concentrated fragrance compounds that are distilled from aromatic plants, roots, bark, and leaves. These oils do not have the same health benefits as carrier oils, but they do provide a rather nice smell. Essential oils used in our beard oils include Cedarwood, and Eucalyptus.

Making Beard Oil

First choose your carrier oil (We use jojoba oil as it is packed with nutrients, vitamins and most closely resembles the oils produced by the skin). If you wish you can add other carrier oils as well. Just mix and match to your preference. Our beard oil also contains the almost magical Hemp oil as well.

After you get the carrier oils sorted out then you can look to add your essential oils. These oils have a very strong concentrated smell and are used to fragrance the mixture so use them sparingly.  Once these oils are in your container they will need mixing together using a spoon or shaking, then you have your oil ready to use.

Beard Oil Recipe (adjust the amounts to suit)

    1. 10ml x Jojoba Oil
    2. 5ml x Hemp Oil
    3. 2 drops x Cedarwood Essential Oil

      You can just use jojoba, hemp or any other oil that you want and can add a different fragrance other than cedarwood to suit your preference and tastes. We choose the two oils above because we have found from many months of testing various different oils that they are the best for facial hair. But feel free to use any oil from olive oil to grapeseed or any other in-between. If you want a fragrance then there are hundreds of essential oils from lemon to mint. So in essence making your own beard oil is all about experimenting to get the perfect product. Also once mixed make sure you have a sealed container to keep that beautiful beard oil nice and fresh.

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