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The Essential Guide to Beards Ebook

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The Essential Guide to Beards

Welcome to The Beard and The Wonderful’s - ‘Essential Guide to Beards free ebook’ Hopefully you have already grown a beard, have decided you want to grow a beard, or are still in the, "I'm seriously thinking of growing one" stage.

 If for some strange and unfathomable reason you are not convinced that facial hair is for you, then please pull up a chair and pin back your ears, because we need a man-to-man chat.

In this world of political correctness, women’s rights and removal of gender roles, there is still one last bastion of hope for men to become a real man, a warrior, a commander-in-chief, a beardsman of the highest order, a legend. And that last bastion of hope is for you to grow a beard, entice a moustache, and cultivate a facial forest of manliness.

Growing a bushy thick beard and/or mustache is seen by many cultures around the world as a rite of passage for men and a symbol of power.It makes men look more masculine, can help improve a slack or weak jawline, and well, it's just plain natural.

But not everyone has the beard gene and growth rate of beards will depend on both genetics and testosterone levels, as well as requiring perseverance and patience. This means that some men can only produce wispy bum fluff, whilst others can produce a forest of beardness by just raising one eyebrow. But you owe it to yourself to beard up.

If you have been put off by having a patchy beard, you cannot deal with the itch and the dreaded beard-druff, or you just don't know what style to choose, then we are here to help.

And so begins your adventure, and starts our comprehensive Ultimate beard ebook full of great information including the History of the beard, How to grow a beard faster, beating the itch, and 20 illustrated beard styles.

You should read this book all about our facial fuzz if you are looking to:-

  • Grow a Beard
  • Need to know what supplements to use for beard growth
  • beard care products, do you need them and which ones are best
  • What beard style to choose for your face
  • Dealing with patchy facial hair growth
  • Want to know the history of beards
  • Plus much much more...

Dare we say that this is the best book of beardness that has ever been released to the general public, it is more than a little book of beards, it is THE book to be seen with.

Please enjoy reading responsibly as the warm wash of beard envelopes you, and be careful as this book could increase your follicle attraction tenfold.

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