Goatee Beard

June 02, 2016

Goatee Beard

A Goatee beard is named because it looks like the small beard of a goat. The goatee beard is a growth of hair from the bottom lip down the chin with a width the same width as the mouth.

goatee beard style

Many people think a goatee also includes a mustache. This is incorrect. If you want the mustache & chin beard combo then you may want the Goatee & Mustache style instead.

How to grow a goatee

Grow your beard to around ½ inch length of hair and then you can think of shaping it. This style is a goatee without mustache so the mustache is shaved.
There are a number of different goatee beard styles including having an optional tache. If you also wish to connect your goatee to your mustache then check out the goatee and mustache style.

Styling & Maintenance of the Goatee

  • The width of a goatee is typically about the same width as your mouth.
  • Smile in the mirror and shave the goatee perimeter along your dimples (your smile lines.)
  • Define the outer edge lines, keeping them smooth and symmetrical.
  • Round off the hair on the bottom of your chin. Leave it a bit longer if
    you have a weak chin.

If you dont like the look of a goatee then find another beard style here

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