A question we get asked a lot is how safe are our beard products for those with nut allergies and those who may come into contact with your facial hair who have an allergy?

nut allergy friendly beard oil

When you think of how many people you may hug or kiss that may be allergic to nuts, it is worth knowing what you are putting on your beard.

Having a product in your beard and on your skin that contains ingredients that are derived from nuts could result in a serious reaction if an allergy sufferer comes into contact with it. 

Nut Allergy Information



  • Paul Scott

    My nephew has a peanut allergy.
    I must ensure that my beard oil is free of peanut anything.
    I will grow my beard and I need products to help of course.
    But I gotta keep my little guy safe and sound .

  • Kate

    Hi my boyfriend has a nut and seed allergy, which products would be safe for him to use and do you do next day delivery? Also do you do samples or trial products? Thanks

  • patrick deloof

    “Our beard products are handmade from natural, organic products”, but your moustache wax contains petrolatum?

  • Ian Danner

    I have been searching for a beard oil for the past week or so and every one i have looked has had some sort of nut oil in it. The issue with this is that my girlfriend is deathly allergic to tree nuts. This is the first beard oil that i have found that doesn’t use nut oils. I am looking for to trying their products!

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