"Patience is a virtue", was once said by somebody important, but they obviously were not growing a beard and should learn to shut up. For those that are nurturing the facial fuzz and wishing it to sprout a little faster, the question most on their minds is the age old question, "Is there anything I can do to grow my beard faster?"





How to Grow a beard Faster

Whilst a lot of facial hair growth is down to nature and genetics which determine just how fast and thick your beard will become, and you cannot (unfortunately) speed up the growing process. If your body, hair or scalp is not in a good state or condition then the growing of hair may be inhibited.

Another factor that can inhibit beard growth is immaturity if you are still growing. Teenagers who have not yet fully matured can find they struggle to grow any facial fuzz quickly.

But if you are fully mature and fully developed (which in general is when aged over 20) then the key for how to get a fuller and thicker beard fast is to follow our expert tips.

In the majority of cases there are some things you can do that will help speed-up the growing process simply by improving the conditions for growth. If rather than asking how to grow your beard faster, you are suffering more from a patchy beard then check out our post on How to Make Your Beard and Mustache Connect

Some of the tips are obvious and some are not-so.

Want to know how to improve your beard or how you can make your beard grow faster? Follow these recommendations and you will soon see those follicles fermenting faster.



Taking Care of Your Body

The reason why it is so important to take care of the body is because your facial hair condition is in direct relation to the health of the body. Eat Protein, Vitamins and Minerals Start by eating more foods that are rich in proteins like beans, eggs, and fish. Eat more fruit & vegetables as they will help to provide some of the vitamins and minerals your hair requires to grow more rapidly. If you just eat junk food and sugar etc. then the lack of appropriate nutrients in the body will result in a slowing down of hair growth.


Stress is a killer when it comes to hair growth, leading to hair loss in many men. Reduce the stress in your life by exercising more and getting a full night’s sleep each night.


Exercising will improve the circulation of the blood in the body, which will help to promote facial hair growth.


Many people ask, "Does exfoliating help beard growth?" In a word yes. Exfoliate or scrub your beard area once a week to remove the dead cells on the face will help stimulate the growth of new hair. Try to make it a point each day to keep the face as clean as possible, rinsing with warm water and mild soap at least each morning and evening. The clean facial skin encourages tiny hairs to grow.

Additional Minerals and Vitamins

Eating a good and healthy diet can also be supplemented with a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement which can help your beard grow faster. A good supplement is to take 30-100 micrograms (mcg) per day of biotin (vitamin B7) which can help grow both nails and facial hair. Look into increasing your daily intake of vitamin B6, beta-carotene, vitamin C, flax seed oil, vitamin E, and nettle. In your effort to grow your beard more quickly, don’t overdo it with these supplements, and before embarking on supplement use it is a good idea to speak with your doctor first.

Feed Your Beard

Looking after and nourishing your face follicles will help to create the perfect environment for more growth. Treat your beard and mustache well by not letting the hairs dry out or get brittle. Make use of a good beard oil to feed and nourish the hair. If you need to style or tame the hairs then use a styling balm that is packed with moisturizing shea butter. We would also recommend that you get scrubbing with a good quality beard scrubber.

Massage your Face

Giving your face a good rub down will help, a facial massage will improve blood circulation to the beard and mustache area which in turn will stimulate new hair growth. Make sure you have a top quality beard oil and then you can massage the face as you apply it (perfect).

Does drinking water help grow my facial hair? 

Yes! Although it seems pretty obvious, many people do not keep hydrated properly. Ditch the sugary drinks and juices and drink plenty of water every day.



Grow it evenly

Is your beard not growing on your cheeks? Or perhaps your facial follicles are sprouting in the patchiest way possible! A patchy beard is not the best look and we don't want patchy beards, but not all of us beardies are blessed with evenly growing hair follicles. A good Beard growth oil used regulalry will encourage those slow to grow follicles to get with the program, resulting in a patch free beard that grows rapidly and evenly.

Comb it daily

Having a well groomed beard free from knots and clumps will make your beard appear full and even. A beard comb will help along with a quality beard balm distributed evenly through your beard.


Follow the above tips or at least some of them for the fastest way to grow a beard and within a week or so you should start to notice a difference. And because these steps will improve your whole body, it will not just be your beard that thanks you for it.




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    Great post. I have been trying out minoxidil to grow a beard faster. It is a product to stop hair loss but it actually works wonders on the beard. I will be also trying some of your tips.

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