How would you feel if something existed that is both fun and relieves stress and anxiety? Happy right? And it does exist. The Fidget Cube is a great little cube that has a number of activities that will keep both your fingers (and mind) occupied.

This magic little cube can be carried around and while you are waiting for a bus, in a meeting, waiting room, or anywhere else. Just start clicking, spinning, rolling, and fidgeting to keep you laser focused and your mind occupied.

A very addictive and high-quality desk toy that can be used both at work, school, and at home. If you have ever clicked a pen over and over then this gadget will blow your mind with it's possibilities.

This item is not just a toy though. It can be used to help people with bad anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD (Impulsive and Inattentive), Aspergers, Autism etc. It works in calming down the user.

The Fidget cube has  6 sides that contain different sensory controls.

Glide- One side has a joystick that can be moved and pressed down, for those people who enjoy the gliding action of joysticks.

Spin- Another side has a circular dial like spinner.

Breath-The next side is designed for those users who experiencing stress, as this flat imprint was inspired by traditional worry stones that you rub to relieve stress.

Roll- You then have the rolling side. This features a set of gears which are silent because they have no resistance and a metal ball, for all the rolling action you could want.

Flip- There is also a switch on one of the sides, going back and forth slowly if you want to fidget quietly, or quickly to create a clicking sound.

Click-Finally,  there is the click side. Featuring 5 separate buttons to click down on, you'll never need a pen to play with anymore.

Here are the key benefits of the Fidget Cube;

  • Relieves stress and anxiety for children and adults alike, also helpful for seniors and people with disabilities who find it hard to focus and stay still
  • This neat desk toy will help focus your mind
  • Magic toy can relief your stress and concerns of the daily life.
  • Mental agility. Will exercise the mind giving it something to concentrate on other than worries.
  • A Great gift for you or your friends who are fidgety.

The Fidget Cube started as a kick starter project by Matthew and Mark McLachlan  and has now become a worldwide product people have remade and sold to thousands of fidgiters.


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