Tattoos and Beards- The Almighty Mix

A lot of men like to have a more alternative style, and this can entail  having a mixture of tattoos, beards, and piercings. All of this is becoming increasingly popular, especially having them all together.

Tattoos and beards
But where did the fad for inkings and tattoo's begin? How do they mix so well together? In this article i will go through the history of tattoos and how them and beards go so well together.


The history of Tattoos

People have been inking their skin since the beginning of time, but what is the origin? It is

claimed that tattooing has existed since 12,000 BC. Otzi, the worlds oldest mummy, who was found in 1991 had 61 tattoos of sets of black horizontal lines. Scientists believe they were made by rubbing charcoal into thin incisions on his skin. This was the first sign of tattooing that was discovered.

The reasons and purpose of why people tattooed differs from the culture and place. For example, the Greeks used tattooing for communication among spies. Their markings identified them and their rank.

So how do we know tattooing occurred? Well bowls with traces of black and red pigments along with sharpened flint instruments were discovered in France, 1867, and in caves in Portugal and Scandinavia.

The shape and size of the tools suggest that they have been used for tattooing.

Tattoos were always used to signify something, and it was only as time progressed people started designing more artistic designs and it became more of a normal thing.It was in fact Thomas Edison who invented the initial design that became the tattoo gun, and then in 1891 Samuel O'Reilly created this design. It was also sailors and soilders who were found in the 1910's-1950's. Then through the year

Desings, colour and placements-
There are many different design styles or you could refer to them as tattoo 'genres.' Here are a few:

· American Traditional

· Traditional Japanese

· Realism

· Black and Grey

· New School

· Colour

Size and placements can vary for each persons own preference, some people like small, dainty looking tattoos on one place of their body, where others like to be more adventurous and get huge pieces of art over their arms, neck and even face.

This look of being alternative can go hand in hand with having a well groomed beard. This combination of tattoos and a beard a great combination and one which is becoming increasingly popular.

Tattoo Aftercare

After you have been through the tattooing process you need in the first few days and weeks to take extra care of your inking. After all, you want this design to last a lifetime so make sure it gets off to a good start. Protecting your tattoo from germs and dirt is of utmost importance as it heals.

Our Tattoo Balm is designed to help your tattoo heal whilst forming an invisible and breathable cover. Made with only premium ingredients that include shea butter, jojoba and hemp oil, eucalyptus and tea tree oils, You cannot put anything better on your tattoo.

tattoo aftercare balm


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