The magical elixir that is Jojoba oil is not just great for putting onto your beard and mustache, it has also been claimed that jojoba oil can increase head hair growth, help reduce thinning hair, thicken up fine hair, and even cure baldness, but is jojoba oil good for hair loss true and does it work? And if so, how do you best use it?

jojoba oil hair loss
Jojoba oil is one of the main ingredients in our products and is produced from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant, a shrub, which is native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico.

Why Jojoba oil is good for hair repair and growth

Firstly jojoba is a neutral oil so should not cause any type of reaction when used. This makes it ideal for use by anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. It is also brim full of nourishing vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hair and skin. These include vitamins E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium.

Apart from genetics, a dry scalp and dandruff are two of the reasons we lose our hair, jojoba oil moisturizes the scalp and stimulates circulation bringing more blood flow to the follicles and enhancing hair growth

It also has antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties to clear the dandruff. It cleanses the scalp of dead skin and any excessive crusty build up of sebum oil, which is produced by the body (Sebum oil is naturally produced by the scalp but the body can produce too much blocking hair follicles and impeding hair growth).

Hair Follicle Improvements

Jojoba also helps improve circulation to the scalp which in turn sends more blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to feed the hair follicles. It also hydrates from inside the hair shaft, reducing hygral fatigue. Hygral fatigue is the damages caused when hairs get wet then dry. The expansion when wet and the contraction when it dries can weaken the hairs.

Jojoba also acts as a filler for any cracks on the hair cuticals caused by using heating and styling products.

How to: Use Jojoba oil for hair loss

  • The amount of oil used varies depending on the length of the hair, but a little goes a long way.
  • Rub the oil between your palms and gently massage into your scalp and over the hair, make sure you massage thoroughly where the hair loss is thinnest. Usually this will be the top of the head, the hairline and the temples.
  • Massage for at least 2-3 minutes (just like brushing your teeth).
  • Now you can either leave the oil to work its magic for around 10-20 minutes or you can leave it in (see below).
  • Optional - Wash your hair with a good quality natural shampoo.
  • Repeat 2-3 times each week for 1-2 months to see the results.

note: Jojoba is a nice and light oil so will sit on the hair and skin without weighing it down or making it feel greasy or clog pores. It is therefore a good idea for many to rub it in and leave it in.

Other ways to use Jojoba Oil for hair growth

Another method is to mix a few drops in with your shampoo or conditioner. This is a great way of leaving your hair feeling fresher and shinier after a wash and will give you all the benefits with minimal effort.

You can also heat up the oil and use it as a hair mask, bringing moisture to dry, dull hair and increasing blood flow thus helping with hair growth and loss. Heat up the oil in the microwave for 10-20 seconds until warm and apply directly onto hair. Leave on for however long you'd like, but it's suggested that a few hours really conditions your hair, then you can rinse away or leave in. Repeat this method once a week for best results.

You can also mix the oil with other base oils such as Argan, Hemp or Grapeseed to make use of their different beneficial properties.

Now obviously you shouldn't do every single one of these methods at the same time, that would just be way too much oil! However see which one you feel is best for you and give it a try! Jojoba Oil has been proven to stimulate hair growth so its definitely worth a go.

Our hair oil contains not just Jojoba but also Hemp oil which also has massive hair regrowth properties. So get massaging our hair growth and repair oil into both your hair and scalp to stimulate hair growth and repair. Use it each day for optimum results..

jojoba beard oil


jojoba oil beard balm


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    Thanks for detailed explanations. I really loved the information. My wife has been suffering from hair fall problem and she needs a quick solution. I was looking for remedies of hair solutions that’s will resolve her problem. This jojoba oil seems helpful to me and I will bring this oil for her for sure. Thanks for sharing all these information and wish you a good weekend ahead.

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