Don’t we all love the macho appearance of our beard in the winter? Plus, with the get-together of the beard clubs, you’ll want to just flaunt it.

The bigger question is, at what cost?

The answer is simple; a breaking beard caused by the dryness from frozen condensation.

This is why it is paramount to take extra care of your beard in the winter season to remain looking good in that beard style. This means that you must keep the hairs not only well cleaned but moisturized regularly.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your beard look sleek in the winter season;

  • Use cold water to clean your beard

It sounds a tad crazy to clean your beard with cold water during winter, but that is the only way to seal the cuticles and maintain moisture in your beard during the season. The hot water weakens the beard by stripping it of its natural oils and causing breaking hair. In winter, the temporary discomfort of cold water will count immensely when you look in the mirror and are proud of your well-maintained facial beard style.

  • Clean your beard with a beard wash

A beard wash is your best bet to clean your beard without eliminating its natural oils. 

Please avoid using regular shampoo as it will strip away the moisture that keeps your beard healthy and moisturized during the winter.

If you have no access to a beard wash, it is better you rinse your face with just water to avoid any buildup.

  • Apply beard oil

This is perhaps the essential part of your winter regime, as the best beard oil not only seals the moisture from your wash but also adds its own and protects your beard from environmental damage. How beard oils work is by preventing beardruff and promoting beard growth. You might question, are beard oils effective, are beard oils worth it? Yes, they are, and we assure you with the long list of beard oil benefits that these are good for your facial hair.

  • Regular beard trims

No matter how small, the damage is unavoidable during winter; therefore, it is essential to do beard trimming. Without a trim, the damage will split down to the follicle and fall out.  Trimming the damaged splits will also ensure the growth of a sharp, consistent, and healthy-looking beard. You can use a beard edge trimmer or even just a simple beard trimmer for men.

  • Winter clothing

Take advantage of winter clothing to protect you from dryness and environmental damage. Use oversized scarves and coats to help prevent breakage of beards and moustaches due to freezing. 

Make sure to cover up and leverage our premium and natural beard care products to keep you looking fresh all winter!

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