One of the questions we get asked here a lot at The Beard & The Wonderful is whether or not our products are halal (permissive), and we are proud to say that yes, they are.

The Beard & The Wonderful cosmetics are made from 100% natural ingredients, primarily oils from plants such as jojoba, hemp seed, eucalyptus and cedarwood, the full list of which can be found here.

Traditionally, halal concerns have focused more around Islamic dietary requirements, but as people take more care and interest in their non-consumable products and what they are made of, naturally the question arises as to whether the same can be said of products such as beard oil or moustache wax. In the case of these products, the most common concerns are regarding najis (impure) items such as animal fat and carmine (red dye) and properties such as alcohol, none of which can be found in our products.

It is a common misconception in the Muslim community that facial hair products themselves are najis due to these ingredients being prominent particularly in some other sections of the cosmetics industry, with a wider debate over whether the application of such items to the skin or hair counts as an impurity. But while some products may go down this path, our ingredients list can attest that our items are completely halal.

In fact, most self-respecting beard oil producers steer clear of alcohol in their product for practical reasons, with alcohol itself being detrimental to the health of hair, though the majority consensus amongst Muslim scholars is that application of alcohol-based cosmetics (such as cologne) is not haram (forbidden) when applied to the body or clothing, as opposed to outright consumption. Something similar could be said for the beeswax in our moustache wax, which was chosen primarily because we found it to be the best holding agent of all the options out there.
Another concern is whether our products are compatiable with wudu (ablution, or washing), to which we can also happily clarify that all our products are designed to be water-resistant, and retain its effectiveness throughout the day even with numerous applications of water. Our aim as a product is to be as as open and accessible to all lifestyles (provided you have a beard!) as we possibly can, and are happy to clarify that this includes our items being fully halal-friendly._

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