The worldwide pandemic of the COVID19 Corona virus has shut down pretty much the entire planet and we just wanted to let our customers know about our production and cleanliness for all our Beard and Cosmetics.

antibacterial beard oilAll of our products are made in a totally clean environment and our waxes and balms are subjected to heating prior to being packaged. Our operators also use a clean room environment when packing that is comparable to food production.

So although you may catch that badass virus it will NOT be from any of our products!

But onto some more helpful virus news, our antibacterial eucalyptus beard oil and beard growth oils contain eucalyptus and teatree oils to help combat airborne influenza.... *studies have shown that Nebulising Eucalyptus essential oil or tea tree essential oils for 15 seconds is a fast and effective method to eliminate airborne influenza droplets within 15 minutes! - source

Find our Beard Oil containing Eucalyptus and Tea tree Oils here:-

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