Chin Curtain

There are a number of chinstrap beard styles and a chin curtain is basically a Brett with sideburns. Or is a Brett just a Chin Curtain without sideburns? These are the important questions.Flexible in terms of length, and alternatively known as a Shenandoah, for Amish people and anyone who uses ‘chin curtain’ as a term for beards in general.

The style was most famously sported by American president Abraham Lincoln, so combine this look with a top hat and start walking around like you run a country...

chin curtain beard

How to grow a Chin Curtain

Growing a Chin Curtain involves deft use of a razor to get that awesome
look. Start by growing out your beard and shave the mustache, cheeks and
chin down to the bottom leaving that curtain of hair hanging down. There are variations of this style and you can grow a chin curtain with mustache or with a goatee.

Styling & Maintenance of a Chin Curtain

  • Trim your beards using a trimmer and guard to your chosen length and stop it growing out of control.
  • Use a razor to keep the edges defined.
  • Shave your cheeks, neck and mustache regularly.

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