Brett Beard Style

In simple terms, just a combination of the soul patch and a chin curtain, ideally kept short but as a unique style has plenty of flexibility when it comes to length. Whoever Brett actually is, they’ll surely just be proud that their style is being imitated.brett beard style

How to grow a Brett

Grow your beard for a few days then shave off that tache and shave the cheeks if they are hairy beasts. The Brett is similar to a chin curtain but can also have a soul patch on the chin as well.

Styling & Maintenance of a Brett

  • Keep the cheeks clean.

  • Make sure the Brett doesn’t join up to the sideburns.

  • Keep it in trim with a weekly trim to keep the length in check.

If the brett style of facial fuzz is not your choice then there are many other beard styles to choose from.

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