Beards are back in vogue, and looking better than ever. But did you realise that not only is facial hair a big fashion trend right now, there are also many other perks to letting it grow, and there are ways that a humble beard can change your life.
Here’s just some of those reasons why you should get your beard on...
  1. Slows Down Ageing - A beard blocks UV rays and as we approach summer it’s important to remember to protect our skin against UV rays. Luckily, beards have you covered! Researchers discovered that beards can block out roughly 95% of the sun’s UV rays from the covered area. This will help prevent your skin from getting burnt, which could increase the risk of skin cancer. That being said, it’s always a good idea to layer up on the sun cream, for extra protection.

  2. Prevent Acne & Spots - Shaving is known to be a cause of both acne outbreaks and dry skin. Shaving your skin could cause irritations, but did you know it could also cause Acne. The people at ThoughtCatalog.com suggest that when you shave your facial hair, it sometimes leaves the skins dry, irritated and also exposes your pores to dirt and sweat. This is the perfect concoction for spots and outbreaks. However if you leave your beard be, it protects your skin and pores against being clogged by dirt and actually helps strengthen your skin. A thick coating of hair around your face is also great to keep the wind and cold off your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and moisturised all year round, which also helps fight off the wrinkles for longer. Of course you have to keep up good maintenance and care of your bread to achieve this. We’d recommend using various bread oils and balms, which will also benefit your skin.
  1. Filters Out The Germs - Also well as keeping the dirt and grease off your skin, your beard acts as a filter for airborne germs. It works by the small hairs catching the microscopic germs before they enter your system, much like the purpose of nose hairs. By having a beard or mustache, you could reduce the reaction to illnesses such as hay fever, some allergies and germs. Pretty cool, right!  
  1. Change Your Appearance - We all can get to that stage in life where we just need a change and most of the time we opt for a change in style or appearance, whether it be a new hair cut or different jacket. Well by growing a beard, it can alter your appearance dramatically. It’ll create the illusion of a different face shape, which is important in fashion. For example, certain styles of sunglasses suit certain face shapes. Meaning with the beard, you could potentially recreate your whole style if you wanted too. There are also many different styles and shapes of beards, so the options are endless.   

  2. Confidence Booster - It may sound simple but when you look good on the outside, you will feel good on the inside. Naturally this gives you a major confidence boost. Studies have been carried out which found that men with beards felt more confident, and thus were more successful in their work and outside endeavours. Of course this is not suggesting that you need facial hair to be successful in life, however the principle of it is feeling attractive gives you the needed confidence boost. It’s the same as styling your hair or buying new clothes, it’s not vain to want to look and feel good about yourself.

    It’s also speculated that a majority of women prefer their men with beards, and if you don’t believe me just ask the likes of George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. And if it’s good enough for Clooney it’s good enough for us!

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