In this article I'm going to detail how to keep your facial hair in tip top condition.  Everyone has their own ideas on this so please feel free to comment and link to other sites below.

1. Washing

Ok, so you've got to wash your beard but the fact of the matter is that shampoos and soaps will dry out the hair and skin behind it.  If you're washing it every day, try and cut back to ever other day.

There are specific Beard wash products but usual shampoo or shower gel is also fine. Once out of the shower, towel dry the beard and move on to step two.

2. Conditioning Oil

After washing and every morning, use a beard conditioning oil to prevent the hair drying out.  This not only makes the beard feel softer but also keeps the hair and skin behind it healthy - the end result is a soft and full beard.

The Beard and The Wonderful Beard Conditioning Oil blends natural oils that easily absorb into the skin and hair.   It is intended to be used undiluted, so start with a small splash of oil into the palm of the hand (approx 1cm in diameter).  Rub your hands together so the oil is on your palms and fingers, then work through your beard in the direction that it grows.  You can always add more if necessary and this will certainly be required for larger beards.

Don't worry if it feels a little greasy to start with, it will soon be absorbed into the hair.  Wash your hands with soap and water.


3. Comb it

Beards get tangled so run a comb through it.  We sell small Ox Horn combs which are great for beards and moustaches as they do not create static in the same way as synthetic plastic combs.

5. Balm it

The Beard and The Wonderful Beard Balm can be used every day.  Scrape a small amount out using the tip of your finger andthe rub between the fingers or in the plam of your hands until the balm has melted.  Then work through the beard, styling it into the desired shape.  The top quality ingredients nourish the hair and skin but also give the beard weight and allow it to be styled as required.  It will also reduce the number of stragglers before the final step....


6. Trim it

It's best to avoid trimming whenever possible, certainly when you're still working towards the desired length.  Even if you're growing it longer, it pays to a trim every couple of months.  This ensures that any damaged ends are weeded out and everything is kept tidy and healthy. 

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