Growing a Beard Tips

Growing a beard takes time but with a little perseverance you will soon be part of The Beard and The Wonderful Brotherhood!  In this blog post, we give you some tips to help you through...

grow a beard tips

1) Timing

It is common knowledge that it can take 4 weeks to get beyond stubble and 6 weeks to really see your beard take shape. Make sure you plan for it; while it's not always possible to disappear from public until the beard is fully formed, deciding to grow a beard a week before your wedding day may not go down well. 

Consider starting things off while you're on holiday, when you can push through the stubble phase whilst enjoying the razor freedom.

2)  Look after it from the start

Many men experience itchiness in the early stages but this doesn't last for ever.  Start using (The Beard and The Wonderful) Beard Conditioning Oil right from the beginning to keep the hair soft and limit irritation. 

3) Resist Trim Temptation

Let those stragglers grow, they may become part of the main event. even though some hairs may seem to grow quicker than others and some areas may be thicker than others, resist the urge to trim. After 6 weeks, you should have an idea of where your face wig is going so it's then time to trim and tidy if you wish.

4) Resilience

If someone comments in a negative way then just embrace it; they are probably jealous or want your number. The simple fact is that beards are not for everyone and whatever you look like some people will just always be negative. Be bold, be brave, be beard!

5) Who is your beard idol?

Whether a rock star, an actor or even a neigbour, there will be a beard that you admire from near or far and it can be an inspiration to keep you going straight on the beard highway. Make it your mission to find a beard idol.

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