For men who want to sparkle up their look a new craze is learning how to glitter your beard.

Apparently, “glitter beards” have now become a real thing, and more and more men are jumping on the glitter-wagon. Whether these hipsters use a small glow of glitter, or an in-your-face-extravaganza of multicolored locks, this is something you gotta try.


glitter beard

The craze started out when bearded dudes put up pictures on Instagram showing their facial fur covered in the type of glitter used by kids armed with glue sticks. Other social media channels started popping up featuring the #glitterbeard hashtag that encouraged otherwise manly men to dunk their beards into a bowl of glitter. 

If this is something that tickles your fancy, or you can imagine yourself glittered up for the ball or the next pub lunch, then lets get into the bling of things. You can buy beard oil that has glitter included but this will only disappoint as there is never enough glitter in the bottle to make a blinged up beard. Here we have the definitive glitter beard tutorial:-

how to make a glitter beard

The steps are pretty simple, and although  you may find pieces of glitter everywhere for the next few weeks, this new trend is great for special occasions or if you just wanna make your beard a little more fabulous.

Here is the glitter beard tutorial in 3 easy steps;

Step one; Apply your favorite beard oil or spray some hairspray all over your beard (we recommend our famous beard oil.

Step two; Whack out your glitter with the color of your choice, you can also get glitter beard kits which are specially made for hair and beards, apply it all over starting in thin layer, you can make it as glittery as you wish this way.

Step three; Once you're happy with the amount of glitter you have, apply a light hairspray to keep it in place.

Warning:- Be careful because that pesky glitter does get all over the place, and if you are unfortunate enough to have been glitter-bombed before then you will know how long it takes to clean it all up.

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