Classic Full Beard

As the name would suggest, growing a full beard is the best option for someone that wants more hair and less time spent on maintenance.
how to grow a full beard

How to grow a Full Beard

How to grow a beard - While  not everyone will be blessed with the ability to grow hair in every area of their face, those that can will be able to let it grow out for around 4 weeks to get the foundation going for this iconic 2 month beard look.

While not absolutely necessary if you’re planning to go full castaway, you can keep your facial fuzz tidy with a small amount of trimming during these beard growing stages, starting from the cheek line downward, helps during this period.

You will be going through a few stages during the growth cycle from a stubble look and beyond. Because you may at times look a little untidy, it is often recommended that the first few days of this process are done privately (such as over a weekend or on holiday). But only necessary if you are feeling self-conscious about how people you know will react to the gradual change, some find that it can be a lot easier to face the world if your face is a little more... to grow a long beard

Styling & Maintenance of the Classic Full Beard

  • From there, it’s all about personal preference, as you style to fit your
  • This could be either a case of letting it grow to the full length that nature intended.
  • Alternatively keep it more respectable by keeping it regularly trimmed to the size you desire.

growing a full beard tips

The best beard growing tips I can give are to start your full beard by shaving first and getting your skin primed for growth using a top quality beard oil. This will moisturize and feed the skin and hair follicles ready for fresh growth, and it will relive any beard itch after he first couple of weeks or so.

If the classic beard is not for you then there are many other beard styles

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