Garibaldi Beard Style

June 01, 2016

Garibaldi Beard Style

Named after one of the key figures in the foundation of Italy, men across the past two centuries have been showcasing their Risorgimento spirit (unwittingly or otherwise) by imitating the beard styling of General Giuseppe Garibaldi. This style of beard has a slight 'unkempt' look and combines a mustache with a full beard that has a wide and rounded base at the bottom. The mustache is also worn long.. The length of the garibaldi should be around 6-8 inches in length (15-20 inches).

garibaldi beard style

How to grow a Garibaldi

Again, the Garibaldi is a member of the full beard family, therefore getting the base of it will be achieved in the same method as the Classic Full Beard but making the beard more rounded. Whilst growing out your beard keep the mustache neat and trimmed, while the beard can grow naturally. Depending on your speed of growth you may need grow your beard for 3-4 months until it is the required length.

Styling & Maintenance of the Garibaldi

Garibaldi beard shaping

  • The general consensus is that for an ideal Garibaldi look, the cheek and mustache areas should be kept trimmed once in a while, whilst the chin area will be allowed to grow naturally.
  • The more ‘natural’ looking the better, although it is recommended that this is no more than 15-20cm in length
  • Keep the mustache neatly groomed and although it can be long, keep to a shorter length than the beard.

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