Essentially an inverse Ducktail, the French Fork takes the style of a Full Classic Beard with the removal of a small triangular patch at the central point of the chin, resulting in two off-central points that take on the form of a fork, if you were judging forks by middle-age French standards. Nowadays, the style has been given popularity by cinema’s favourite fictional pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

french fork beard style

How to grow a French Fork

Grow your beard as standard for a few weeks. To get the distinctive ‘fork’
effect you will need to separate the bottom of the beard into two points.
You can either wax it into two points, or trim it.

Styling & Maintenance of a French Fork

  • Either wax your beard into the two points or very carefully cut the
    middle out making sure you cut in the center to keep things

  • Trim using scissors or a long cut on the trimmer

  • Use balm and wax to keep the fork shape

If a French Fork style is not for you then check out other types of beard available.


  • Daniel

    Unlucky Jeremiah

  • Jeremiah

    Cant help but grow this style naturally.. Posers

  • BriGiganticus

    After seeing a image of Jaques De Lomay’s French fork I am growing this style.

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