While the name sounds somewhat comedic, the ducktail beard has a reputation of being a lot more sophisticated than it's somewhat goofy title, managing to blend ruggedness and class for a useful hybrid look that mixes professional and manly.

The name as you would expect comes from it's similarity to the tail of a duck.
Growers of this very popular beard style sit between having a wild full beard and the sophistication of a more stylized and groomed look. This style is popular amongst many celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt, and Mel Gibson.

This style has a shorter cut around the cheeks and down the jaw and peters out to a point or rounded point under the chin. The higher cheek area is kept shaved giving a clean well groomed and symmetrical look.celebrities ducktail beards

How to grow a Ducktail Beard Tutorial

The ducktail style is just about letting the chin on your hair grow longer over time whilst keeping the sides trim. A beard grows around 1/2 inch each month. A ducktail can be grown long or short and a good length would be 2- 4 inches taking 4 months or so to grow out.

First thing you need is a full beard before styling begins. If you have one then great. If not then grow out your full beard and style it as normal for the first 1-2 months but focus on keeping the cheek and mustache areas trimmed and shorter.

You do not need to grow a big, bushy, huge beard, but the ducktail needs a good amount of hair before you begin styling. You will need a reasonable (2-4") in length and fullness to work with.

The cheek hair can be kept trimmed if required and many ducktail aficionados maintain a shaved area below the neckline while letting the beard grow above the neckline.

Allow the chin hair to grow to your preferred length (2-4"). You can grow your mustache long and pointy (get those points using a good mustache wax) or many growers keep it short which gives more emphasis to the beard.

how to grow, trim and style ducktail

Styling & Maintainence Tips for the Ducktail Beard

How To Trim and Shape a Ducktail Beard

  • Trimming a ducktail beard by shaping it into your desired image involves regular  beard trimming of the sides of the beard and keeping the cheeks clean while shaping the bottom into a taper.  

  • Ideally you will be trimming carefully for a symmetrical appearance
    and molding the central point with some beard oil and/or balm.

  • The beard can be shaped using some good quality beard balm or for a stronger hold use wax.

Ducktail Beard Tips

  • If you are not looking forward to the long wait as it grows try growing a goatee and mustache first then let it grow and trim it to get that all important point.
  • The Ducktail suits most faces but as it follows the face and elongates the chin. If you have a long and narrow face then this style might not be for you. If a Ducktail beard is not your cup of tea then check out our other beard styles available.
  • If you are one of those people that do not or cannot grow facial hair on the high cheek area then the cool looking ducktail can be a very good fit. Similalry it is a great style if you cannot grow hair just below the bottom lip area or it just grows thinly in that area.
  • Be patient and realistic! It can be frustrating and time consuming growing a beard, and everyone grows beards at different speeds and with differing coverage and thickness. But persevere and get yourself through the difficult days where you feel like shaving the lot off. Getting through these rough times:you will result in you achieving the perfect facial fuzz.

How To Grow a Ducktail Beard Fast

If you want to create the perfect environment for beard growth, speed up the growing process and get beautiful looking facial hair then check out our hemp & jojoba beard oil that is packed with all the nutrients needed for quick and thick beard growth.

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