Invoke your inner sheep with mutton chops. Essentially a longer and denser version of the sideburn, mutton chops can be grown with or without a mustache that joins each end.

mutton chops beard style

How to grow a Mutton Chops

To grow your mutton chops you can grow a full beard and then trim to your preffered look or just let those sideburns grow while trimming the rest of your face.

Styling & Maintenance of a Mutton Chops

  • Your Mutton style will need a bit of planning as you can shape a
  • number of ways.
  • A common mutton chop style extends down your chin line
  • Maintain the style using a trimmer, shaver and trim any rogue hairs
  • with scissors.
  • Make sure that both sides are symmetrical

If a Mutton Chops is not for you then check out our other beard styles available

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